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A truly professional team with over 25 years of experience incorporating licensed psychotherapy and educational consulting services.

Jim Santa Cruz MC, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Jane Santa Cruz MA
Educational Consultant


To provide experienced, quality, educational and counseling services to individuals, groups, and organizations which will foster DISCOVERY, AFFIRMATION, HEALING AND SHARING.

How does one know where to go?

Some people spend more time shopping for a car than selecting a therapist to whom they will confide their most personal problems, problems so personal and painful that one can’t share with intimate friends or family. First, the therapists must be qualified. Their training and experience is a must. Their sensitivity and openness to your most intimate problems is very important Are they licensed by the state or professional organizations in order to ensure confidentiality and ethical practices? Santa Cruz Counseling offers all of the above and more.


Philosophy and Counseling Approach based professional team. Well versed in the Judeo/Christian spiritual values, they offer their soul connecting insights to life’s personal difficulties. They are active in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. Together, in their thirty-five plus years of marriage, they have been active in youth and adult retreats, the Cursillo Movement, the Charismatic Movement and many other activities both within the Church and within the community. They bring a firm balance to psychological and educational training, counseling and spiritual issues. With much respect, they defer to ordained clergy for in-depth spiritual or sacramental concerns. Oriented in-Depth Psychology, they are respected for their care of the “soul” and nurturing of the “spirit.”

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