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Jim Santa Cruz MC, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Jim Santa Cruz MC, LPC obtained his BA in Secondary Education from Arizona State University (1968) with a major in Spanish and a minor in Sociology. Also from ASU, Jim received his Masters in Counseling (1975)

His professional experience began with the “War on Poverty” (1967) with Operation LEAP programs, which emanated from the Phoenix Friendly House Social Agency. At this time Jim was also involved with the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Youth Corp. Upon graduation from ASU (BA), he continued working alongside local program agencies, i.e. Valle del Sol and Chicanos por la Causa. After graduation in 1968, Mr. Santa Cruz worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer with Maricopa County. He was instrumental in helping establish various programs and services to combat juvenile delinquency. In 1968, Maricopa County recognized his contributions by awarding him a plaque for Meritorious Performance as a Juvenile Probation Officer. Among his most significant coalitions was Jim’s work with Arizona Boy’s Community, a youth residential program, which over the years changed names, and is known today as Touchstone Community.

It was Mr. Santa Cruz’ involvement and commitment to human services, stemming from his dedication in the “Cursillo Movement,” that prompted his zeal for effective rehabilitative programs to help change individuals, work sites, and organizations. Jim wanted to emphasize treatment and rehabilitation, always encouraging clients and colleagues to work toward personal growth and change. It was with this interest in mind that in 1969 Jim joined the newly created Arizona Department of Corrections. Job stints in this department included Program Development as a Delinquency Prevention Specialist, Adult and Juvenile Parole Casework and Area Chief Supervisor and Training Officer.

For a five year period Jim left the Department of Corrections to complete a Masters in Counseling (1975) and to expand his job experience in direct Mental Health and Substance Abuse Community programs. He managed a Methadone Maintenance Drug Addiction Program, which provided direct counseling to Federal and State Felony Offenders. This experience working with drug offenders at St. Joseph’s Hospital also led to work on the Psychiatric Ward of Phoenix Memorial Hospital. It was during this time that Mr. Santa Cruz began his private practice. He and his wife Jane shared an office at Phoenix Memorial Medical Building with a psychiatrist. Under the medical supervision of this psychiatrist, they had hospital privileges, they saw patients and were consultants to the Psychiatric Ward of Phoenix Memorial Hospital.

In 1981 Mr. Santa Cruz returned to the Arizona Department of Corrections where he designed, established and staffed the Substance Abuse Program (SAP) at the Women’s Minimum Security Prison in Central Phoenix and the SAP at both the Women’s and Men’s prison at Perryville. Jim’s therapeutic and administrative skills included community as well as both juvenile and adult institutions and programs. He continued his career by doing direct service work as an Associate Psychologist at Adobe Mountain Juvenile Institution. He rejoined the Community Program’s Division, only again this time as a Parole Area Chief Supervisor. Following this position, Mr. Santa Cruz went on to administrative posts as Assistant Superintendent in the Alamo Mental Health Unit, and then as Southern Regional Administrator of Catalina and Pinal Mountain Juvenile Institutions. This administrative responsibility also included all of the Southern Arizona Parole Services.

Jim’s keen interest in counseling has always been his highest focal point. When his Tucson Administrative term ended due to administrative changes by a new governor of the State, Mr. Santa Cruz returned to Adobe Mountain Juvenile Institution as an Associate Psychologist. All throughout his career he continued with the private practice that he shared with his wife and partner. After retiring from the State in 2001, he continued the private practice on a full-time basis.

Currently both Jim and his wife Jane provide the full gamut of counseling, educational consulting and staff training services. They provide professional services to individuals, couples and families. In their partnership, they also offer pre-marriage preparation programs for the Diocese of Phoenix. They continue to develop educational seminars and workshops in specific topical areas for both the Church and for industries and companies. They work closely with the St. Jerome’s Retreat Team. They have been invited to present cultural sensitivity programs for companies in both the English and Spanish languages. They enjoy their work, and this enjoyment has been an added ingredient toward their success.

Jane Santa Cruz MA
Educational Consultant

Jane Santa Cruz has a BA in Secondary Education: English and Spanish (1968 University of Arizona), and an MA in Counseling (Arizona State University, 1978). Mrs. Santa Cruz has worked in numerous counseling settings.

For five years she was in a private practice with her husband Jim at Phoenix Memorial Hospital Medical Building. In this position, she and Jim shared an office with a psychiatrist and counseled both in this office and on the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Phoenix Memorial Hospital granted Jane and Jim Hospital Consulting Privileges.

Hired by TASC, Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime, Jane taught the Drug Abuse segment of a two-week program for youth offenders who were referred by the Maricopa County Juvenile Court Systems.

From 1978 to 1986, Jane was a Counselor at Desert Sands Junior High in the Cartwright School District. There she not only scheduled and advised students, but also conducted a significant amount of therapeutic individual and group counseling sessions with respect to student needs and problems. Mrs. Santa Cruz, within her role as School Counselor, also taught Decision-Making classes, and helped organize and counsel within the in-school suspension program.

In a position that involved Social Administration, Jane served as the Director of Catholic Youth for Maricopa County when Phoenix was still under the auspices of the Diocese of Tucson. In her time there she coordinated 30 youth groups, a diocesan wide sports program, and initiated and organized the Diocesan wide SEARCH program. SEARCH was a teen program that invited youth to seek their identity within their spiritual and psychological selves as reflected in the Catholic Faith. In this position as Director of Catholic Youth, Jane also wrote grant proposals and implemented summer day camps for children throughout the Phoenix area.

For sixteen years Mrs. Santa Cruz taught Spanish for the Glendale Union High School District. She taught 2nd Year, 3rd Year, and Advanced Placement Spanish. A tribute to her teaching skill, she was chosen to grade the National Advanced Placement Spanish Exam in San Antonio, Texas with colleagues from high schools and universities throughout the United States.

To Jane’s surprise and joy she was nominated twice for the Silver Apple Award. Through their own initiative, students, who want to recognize and honor excellence in teaching, nominate a particular teacher for this award. Also, the Glendale Union High School District Special Education teachers gave Mrs. Santa Cruz special recognition as a teacher who was particularly helpful and successful in working with mainstreamed Special Education Students. Cortez High School also awarded her a scholarship for a summer program at DeVry University to augment teacher computer skills.



Throughout her teaching career Jane continued to sharpen her counseling skills. She and her husband Jim worked in a private counseling practice evenings and weekends on a part-time basis. This part-time practice was successful for a number of years, from the 1980s until the years 2001-2002, when they again began a full-time practice.

Jane attended the Gestalt Residential Training through the Gestalt Institute of Phoenix. Following from her interest in Jungian Psychology, Jane was trained in the Jungian Approach to Dream Analysis in a Dream Seminar conducted by Morton Kelsey through the Pecos Benedictine Monastery, Pecos, New Mexico. Through the Association of Christian Therapists Mrs. Santa Cruz attended many healing seminars and Charismatic Conferences. Recently, Jane and Jim attended the National Smart Marriages Conference in Dallas, Texas and have been trained in Couple Communication, Prepare and Enrich, and in the Foccus Inventory. Recent training includes Pope John Paul II "Theology of the Body," and specialized training in Problem Gambling.

Jane is a strong motivational speaker and is bilingual (English and Spanish).

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